25 April 2022 – New X2, X3 and 8 timetables

From Monday 25 April, following the end of the road closure at Papworth Everard, we will be retiming services X2, X3 and 8 as a result of the main road being available once again.  Check the new timetables in our timetables section of the website as most journeys have moved by a couple of minutes.  The second journey on service X2 from Huntingdon now leaves at 07:37 and arrives at Long Road college in time for the start of the day.

As a result of further changes, we will trial the provision of a service to/from Fenstanton during the day Monday to Saturday as well as at the start and end of the day.  Check the timetable for further details.  We will monitor the take up of this service to ensure it is worthwhile to operate.

Click here for our new Whippet Express X2 X3 and 8 timetables.

15 April 2022 – Easter services

We’ll be running a Sunday service on Good Friday, 15 April and Easter Monday, 18 April.  A normal service will operate on all other days.

31 January 2022 – Partial Busway Track Closure

Cambridgeshire County Council will be temporarily closing a section of the Guided Busway in one direction between Cambridge Railway Station and Addenbrooke?s following the Council?s ongoing communications with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and as part of their continuous review of safety on the busway.. This closure will take place from Monday 31 January with the implementation of a revised timetable. The inbound only track (closest to the maintenance track) will be closed ? the busway will be used from the railway station to Addenbrooke?s and then buses will use Hills Road on the return journey.

For the first week while works are carried out, buses will use Hills road in both directions.

Visit Cambridgeshire County Council’s article by clicking here for more information.

17 November 2021 – Revised Whippet Express X2 and X3 timetable

Due to the diversion change at the closure of the road between Caxton Gibbet and Papworth Everard and changes in the funding of local bus services by the Department for Transport, we are introducing a new timetable from Wednesday 17 November.

Buses will now run via the diversion heading towards Cambridge and will run via the normal route heading towards Huntingdon. This was the diversion introduced last week at very short notice by Cambridgeshire County Council and we have now moved the running time to provide time where it is needed.

We have also taken the regrettable step of reducing the weekday service to hourly following a reduction in the funding provided by the Department for Transport.  Despite our best efforts of providing additional journeys at our expense since April to provide for social distancing, these have not been as successful as were needed to sustain them and as such, we have reverted to an hourly service 7 days a week with additional buses at peak times.  The 30 minute frequency Monday to Saturday between Huntingdon and Godmanchester has been maintained.

The provision of bus services by all operators across the country is proving the most difficult we have seen in a generation and we trust that you appreciate that we are doing our level best in extremely trying circumstances.  Please do not take this out on our loyal staff and should you have any feedback, please drop us a line by email and we will get back to you – info@whippet.uk.com.

Download the new timetables by clicking here.

7 June 2021 – Universal change

As social distancing is reduced on buses in England, we have taken the decision to drop the frequency of the Universal bus during Monday to Friday peaks.  We will now run every 13-14 minutes in the morning peak and every 15 minutes in the evening peak more accurately reflecting the passenger numbers carried at these times.

We will continue to monitor the number of passengers being carried across the day and will of course look to enhance when necessary. Download the new timetable by clicking here.

4 May 2021 – Whippet Express X2 X3 change

As our X3 buses get busier while lockdown eases, we are pleased to increase our X3 bus service to operate every 30 minutes through the day on weekdays from Tuesday 4 May.

The existing X2 and X3 timetable continues unchanged, but route 478 journeys now operate as X3 and are mainly extended on weekdays to Papworth, Cambourne, Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s.  On Saturdays and Sundays, route 478 journeys now operate as X3 but still run at the same times.

We are glad to be able to provide more seats and more journeys to allow us to maintain social distancing on board our buses.  We will continue to provide additional duplicates for student flows between Godmanchester and Hinchingbrooke and between Papworth and Long Road college, but the duplicate at 09:47 from Papworth to Addenbrookes will now run earlier as one of the new journeys at 09:07 or later at 10:17.

Click here to download the new timetable.

8 March 2021 – Whippet Express X2 X3 and route 478 change

With the return of education from Monday 8 March, we will reintroduce the full X2 X3 478 timetable that operated prior to 25 January.

We will be able to provide more seats and more journeys to allow us to maintain social distancing on board our buses.  There will be special route 478 journeys for school flows between Godmanchester and Hinchingbrooke where only students will be permitted.  They will leave Romans’ Edge at 07:56 and return from the school at 15:25.

We will return to Hartford and Oxmoor on certain route X3 journeys, and journeys to/from Corby will no longer operate via Hinchingbrooke hospital.  Please click here for the timetable and full details.

25 January 2021 – Whippet Express X2 X3 and route 478 change

Following the introduction of the latest Government lockdown, we have had to take the decision to withdraw route 478 for the time being and alter Whippet Express X2 and X3 to take account of the latest guidance from the Government following the latest lockdown.

This means that there will be less buses between Godmanchester and Huntingdon than usual, and there will be no Whippet buses serving Hartford and Oxmoor for the time being.  Route X3 will maintain the links between Godmanchester and Hinchingbrooke hospital.  Buses to and from Corby will also serve Hinchingbrooke hospital with the exception of one evening journey.

There will be significant changes to departure times in peak periods Monday to Friday owing to the need for much less running time and some journeys have been withdrawn for the time being.  Please click here for details of the timetables.

11 January 2021 – Universal timetable change

Following the introduction of the latest Government lockdown, we have had to take the decision to slightly reduce the peak frequency on Universal from Monday 11 January.  On weekdays, buses will run every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes in the evening.  The first few buses in the morning will run every 20 minutes. Click here for full details.

11 January 2021 – Romans’ Edge Godmanchester change

F ollowing the opening of Gumcester Way around Romans’ Edge, our X2 X3 and 478 buses will now run via Gumcester Way, stopping at new bus stops at Innkeepers Way and The Green.  Buses will always run clockwise around the loop so please check the destination of the bus before boarding, or check with our friendly drivers. Click here for a map to show our new route.

9 November 2020 – Whippet Express X2 X3 change

F ollowing requests from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, our X2 and X3 buses will be rerouted in the Biomedical Campus.

Buses will follow the same loop around the campus as Universal, stopping at Francis Crick Avenue southbound, Dame Mary Archer Way at the Rosie, Addenbrooke’s Outpatients and Puddicombe Way, always in an anti clockwise direction.

X2 buses will enter this loop from Addenbrooke’s Road and exit to Long Road College and vice versa.  X3 buses will always enter and exit at Long Road College, therefore serving bus stops in both directions there.

Timings will not change, but you can download a copy of the new timetable here. There will not be a new printed timetable at this stage as there are expected to be further changes from Monday 4 January 2021.  We will advise more on this closer to the date.

19 October 2020 – Universal timetable change

As passenger numbers continue to grow on Universal, we have worked in partnership with University of Cambridge to deliver an increase in frequency at busy times on the route.  There are some minor timetable changes at other times so please check the new timetable which is available to download here

31 August 2020 – Whippet Express X2, X3 and route 478

As our buses continue their journey back to normality, we have been working in

partnership with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, Cambridgeshire County Council and Northamptonshire County Council to bring some improvements to routes X3, 18 and 478.  There will also be a new route X2!

These changes will commence on Monday 31 August with a Sunday service on the Bank Holiday enabling people to travel across the X3 and 478 routes.

Route X2: Papworth – Cambourne – Addenbrooke’s – Cambridge rail station

This service replaces Stagecoach’s route H providing links between Papworth, Cambourne, Trumpington, Addenbrooke’s and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.  Journeys will extend to Cambridge rail station before continuing as route X3 serving the rest of the City Centre.

Route X3: Corby – Huntingdon – Papworth – Cambourne – Cambridge – Addenbrooke’s

This service will run hourly between Huntingdon and Addenbrooke’s seven days a week, providing new earlier and later journeys than the current X3.  Some buses will extend to/from Corby replacing the current route 18 following the same route but with more journeys.

Some buses will serve Oxmoor or Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Buses in Godmanchester will follow the same route in both directions, coming from Huntingdon via Post Street then Causeway, London Street, London Road, Tudor Road, Cambridge Road, Romans’ Edge and then to Papworth.  Buses will serve the new road through Romans’ Edge when available.

Buses in Cambridge will run towards Addenbrooke’s via Madingley Road, Queen’s Road, Silver Street, Trumpington Street, Pembroke Street, Downing Street, Regent Street, Hills Road, Station Road, Station Place, Brookgate, Hills Road, Long Road, Robinson Way, Rosie Hospital, Robinson Way to Addenbrooke’s bus station.  Buses will then return via Hills Road, Brookgate, Station Place and then the current X3 route back towards Cambourne.

Route 8: Corby – Geddington – Kettering

Following the changes to route 18, route 8 will have a revised timetable with changes to journeys throughout the day.  A later journey from Corby will be introduced at 17:10 on weekdays.

Route 478: Fenstanton – Godmanchester – Huntingdon – Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Some journeys on service 478 will start or finish at Fenstanton routing via the A1307 between there and Godmanchester. Buses will follow the new X3 route in Godmanchester before continuing to Huntingdon and Hinchingbrooke hospital.  Buses will generally run every hour Monday to Saturday as the half hourly frequency between Godmanchester and Huntingdon will be maintained with service X3.

Click here for our timetables.  Please let us know your feedback on the new routes and timetables by emailing us info@whippet.uk.com or giving us a call on 01954 230011 during office hours.

August 2020 – Introduction of flexible season ticket

Owing to our passengers not always needing a 1 or 4 week ticket, you can now buy a pack of 5 day tickets valid on any of our buses on our app for the same price as a 1 week ticket bought on bus.  Just download our app from your app store of choice and buy a pack of 5 tickets for £26.  That works out at just £5.20 per day and you can use them sometime during the 90 days from date of purchase.

1 June 2020 – Restoration of full service on routes 61, 63, 478 and X3

Following the request from the Department for Transport and working in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, we are delighted to announce the restoration of full services on the above routes.  This means we will be running our full service across the network with only minor changes on Universal.

We have also introduced an additional journey at 0810 from Cambridge to Papworth to help with key workers making essential journeys.  We have been able to resource this owing to traffic congestion remaining low.

Universal continues to operate a full service with reduced running times again reflecting the low levels of traffic congestion we are operating in.  Also, weekend buses start earlier and extend to and from the Biomedical Campus and Addenbrooke’s Hospital. This is the same service that has been operating since the last change at the end of March.  

We were one of the first companies in the country to introduce social distancing on board our buses and continue to do so. As it gets busier, we will be monitoring our services and introducing additional buses where and when we can.  If you have any suggestions, or find yourself in a position where the bus is too busy for you to board, please drop us a line at info@whippet.uk.com and we will see what we can do.

We thank you for your understanding.  

2 April 2020 – Free Travel for NHS staff and University of Cambridge key workers

1 June – we continue to provide both the NHS and University of Cambridge key workers concession in recognition of the continued work being done by both.

In recognition of the outstanding work being carried out by the NHS, all NHS workers upon production of ID can travel FREE on our buses until further notice. 

Also until further notice, University of Cambridge key workers can travel FREE on any Universal bus at any time on presentation of a letter issued by the University to attest their key worker status.

1 June 2020 – Possible changes to routes X3 and 478

We are inviting feedback from our passengers regarding the above services while we work with Cambridgeshire County Council and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority to deliver an improvement to bus services on this corridor.  

Drop us a line at info@whippet.uk.com or give us a call on 01954 230011 to pass on your feedback.

30 March 2020 – Changes to Universal and routes X3, 61 and 478

Following the Coronavirus pandemic so far, we have had to change some of our buses to reflect the passenger demand while people STAY AT HOME.  

From Monday 30 March 2020, Universal buses will run at slightly different times on weekdays to take account of revised running time during this time.  On weekdays, the first bus and last bus will be unchanged.  For the duration of the pandemic, we will extend our buses on Saturdays and Sundays to Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, and run earlier and later buses to support our essential workers getting to where they need to be.  Click here for details.

Unfortunately due to the collapse in passenger numbers, we will have to revise our services on routes X3, 61 and 478.  

Route X3 will run a Saturday service Monday to Saturday with some additional trips on weekdays. Click here for details.

Route 61 will run a Saturday service Monday to Saturday starting from Market Square at 08:50 and finishing at 17:47.  Route 63 will continue to run normally for the time being.  Click here for details.

Route 478 will run a Special service Monday to Saturday starting and finishing at similar times but to a roughly hourly frequency. Click here for details.

Our other services will continue to run normally in partnership with Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils for the time being.  Note that service 400 will run on a school holiday timetable.

We will do our best to maintain this network to allow essential workers to get around and for others to make essential journeys to get food, medicine and to care for vulnerable people.  However, as the crisis takes hold, we may need to make further alterations.  Please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages, or here for any further news.

Also, should there be a journey that essential workers would find beneficial, please either give us a call on 01954 230011 or drop us a line at info@whippet.uk.com and we will see what we can do. We are here to get you to where you need to be.

28 October 2019 – New bus service for Thrapston, Islip, Stainton, Corby and Kettering – and new links to and from Huntingdon

Scroll down for timetable and map

Following the closure of Centrebus’ Corby depot, we have been asked to provide two new bus services on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council linking various towns and villages in east Northamptonshire.

We are delighted to announce the operation of service 8 linking Corby, Geddington and Kettering with some journeys serving Little Stainton, Stainton and Brigstock – and service 18 linking Corby, Little Stainton, Stainton, Brigstock, Islip and Thrapston with new links on service 18 linking east Northamptonshire with Huntingdon and Ellington.

As an introductory offer, you will be able to buy a day ticket for unlimited use on all buses west of Huntingdon for £5 adult or £3 for children and students.  A week’s travel will be £20 adult, £14 child. Both tickets are available from the driver or on the m-ticket app.  You will also be able to buy a day ticket for use in Stanion, Little Stanion and Corby for £3 adult, £2 child, £11 week.

You can get 4 weeks travel for £65 but this is only available on the m-ticket app – also on the app, you can get 4 weeks travel for people in education for just £55.  

As we have had a very short period to introduce these services, we may not have been able to update bus stop information along the line of route.  We will endeavour to have this sorted as soon as possible.

Click here for service 8 and 18 map

Click here for service 8 and 18 timetable

16 October 2019 – Huawei phones and our App
Our App supplier has delivered a fix for users of our App on Huawei phones following an Android update. If you update the App, you should now find that it will work.  If not, drop us a line at info@whippet.uk.com.

13 September 2019 – All Routes 4 week tickets now on the App
Following a number of requests, our 4 week All Routes tickets are now available on the App.  Adults get £5 off the normal price, £80 on the app, that’s only £20 per week to go anywhere on our buses.  Students and children can get their 4 week ticket for only £65!  No need to pay for a term to get a discount with us!!

Download the App from your choice of App stores by searching Whippet Bus m-tickets.  

2 September 2019 – Minor change to route 400
Following representations from parents in Grafham, the 1530 Schooldays journey from Huntingdon will extend to Grafham where it will terminate at 1600. 

At the same time, the 0745 journey from Spaldwick will commence from Easton at 0740, and the 1040 journey from Huntingdon will serve Ellington at 1052.  A new timetable is available here.

23 August 2019 – Pedigree withdrawal
After operating the service for a period of six months, we are disappointed to announce the withdrawal of the Pedigree service after operation on Friday 23 August 2019.  We’d like to thank our passengers for supporting us on this service but unfortunately the passenger growth has not continued and we can’t continue to support the losses we are incurring.  Stagecoach continue to provide services along the length of the route.

28 April 2019 – No Sunday service on X3
Following retendering of service X3 recently in partnership with Cambridgeshire County Council, it has been decided to withdraw the Sunday service.  The last day for the Sunday service was Easter Sunday and as such, there will no longer be a Sunday or public holiday service. 

18 February 2019 – Changes to some fares
Following feedback from our passengers, we are happy to announce some changes to out tickets and prices.

Universal tickets (with the exception of the £1 University of Cambridge single ticket) are now valid on all of our buses in Cambridge city bounded by Madingley Road Park&Ride on the X3 and 8. 

Purple tickets have had their eligibility expanded to cover all students and educational staff showing ID when making each journey.  They are also now available to children aged 5-15 inclusive at any time.  One way tickets are available in the Cambridge city area for £1.50.

  • Cambridge City Day Ticket – £3 adult, £2 Purple
  • Cambridge City 7 Day Ticket – £11 or £10 on the app
  • Cambridge City 28 Day Ticket – £28 on the app – only £1 a day!
  • Cambridge City 10 Journey Ticket – £19.80 adult on bus, £17.60 on the app
  • Cambridge City 10 Journey Purple Ticket – £10 on the app

The X3 app only tickets that were introduced in November 2018 have now been improved by increasing their validity to cover all Whippet buses.  These are now available in the App under All Routes tickets, or in each of the areas listed.

  • All Routes Day Rover – Pack of 10 for £56 (that’s £5.60 for unlimited travel on all Whippet buses for the day)
  • All Routes Week Rover – £22 
  • All Routes single journey – pack of 10 for £40 – you can use these as a single journey on any Whippet bus.

We hope to see you soon on one of our buses and allow us to make a difference serving you!

24 November 2018 – Changes to some fares
The following new ticket prices will apply from the above date:

  • All Zones Day Rover – £7 adult, £6 student, £5 child
  • All Zones Week Rover – £26 adult, £22 student, £18 child
  • All Zones 4-Week Rover – £85
  • One + Two Day Rover – £7
  • Group Day Rover – £15

In addition to the above, single and return ticket prices on route X3 will increase by an average of 20%. Please click here to download a copy of the new X3 fare chart to see if your normal ticket is affected.

29 October 2018 – Minor change to route 400
The first journey on route 400 will start at Spaldwick on school days instead of Easton. The bus will no longer call at Hinchingbrooke School bus park.  The afternoon school-day only journey will terminate at Ellington instead of Easton.

6 October 2018 – Improvements to route U
The Universal service has become very popular since it replaced the Uni4 bus route in July 2016. In September 2017 the service was extended to Eddington, the new North West Cambridge development. This was an important part of the contract we have with the University of Cambridge and they have now asked us to improve the level of service following feedback from residents. These improvements include:

  • Earlier and later buses on weekdays
  • Later buses on Saturdays
  • A new service on Sundays and Public Holidays

A PDF copy of the new timetable can be downloaded by clicking here

Whippet Coaches signs Armed Forces Covenant
Please click here to download a PDF (1.92MB) 

Mobile phone ticketing (m-Ticketing)
You can now download our m-Ticket App for iPhone and Android devices and purchase a selection of tickets. Click here to find out more.

2 December 2017 – Free Parking
On Saturday 2 December we helped the 5th St Ives Scout Group with their latest challenge – a full-size game of Monopoly!  The Scouts had to travel between St Ives and Cambridge visiting locations associated with the famous board game. Our Busway C service was ideal as it now operates every 30 minutes on Saturday mornings. Using the bus also means no need to find and pay for parking! Click below for a picture of one group on board our bus driven by Chris Storr.

26 September 2017 – X3 is now X-ier
Click here to find out why we think the X3 is now better

14 July 2017 – Henry goes to school
Read about Henry’s visit to Bushmead Primary School in St Neots

Our drivers were prepared on 25 March 2017
Click here to read all about it

Whippet Puppies Launched
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