All details correct as at 26 August 2019

Purchasing tickets
We only accept cash if purchasing from the driver.  To speed up the bus, please have the correct fare ready if you know what it is. Our drivers only have a limited amount of change and this can get used up very quickly.

Some of our Universal buses carry contactless readers but this cannot be guaranteed.

Also, we now have m-Ticketing (mobile phones) and a selection of tickets can be purchased using a credit or debit card. Click here.

Adult fares (age 16 or above)
Single (one-way) and return tickets are available at any time. Return tickets will be cheaper than purchasing two single tickets but for most journeys it will be cheaper to purchase a Day Rover instead of a return.  Please check with the driver.  Week Rovers offer savings for those who travel frequently.  We also sell 4-Week Rovers which offer even better value for money. See below for more details of our Rover tickets.  To find out about English National Concessionary Passes please click here.

Purple fares (age 5 or above)
Purple tickets are the new way to get around if you’re in Cambridge and in education.  Children aged 5-15, students of any age and educational members of staff can buy one way and Day tickets in the Cambridge city zone and journeys on the Busway.  These ARE valid at any time of day.

Child fares (age 5 to 15 inclusive)
Single (one-way) and return tickets are NOT available before 09:00 on Mondays to Fridays (except Public Holidays). Child-rate Day Rover, Week Rover tickets and Purple tickets ARE valid at any time of day and these are usually better value for money for regular travellers.

Children under 5
Up to 2 children aged under 5 (that do not occupy a seat to the exclusion of a fare-paying passenger) travel free with anybody who purchases an adult ticket or has a valid adult pass (including English National Concessionary Passes). Additional children need to pay the child fare (or the adult fare before 09:00 on Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays).

Single (one-way) and return tickets
Please click here to download our fare charts. Please note that these are just guides. Always tell the driver where you are going to ensure you purchase the correct ticket. Some fare stages may not be clear, or special rules may apply in some situations.

Return tickets can only be used on the same day as the outward journey. If you are returning on another day, please purchase a single ticket on both days.

10-Journey tickets
These give 10 single journeys between the same two points and are 10% cheaper compared with purchasing single tickets every day (the discount may be greater if using our m-Ticket App). Please note the restriction on child single tickets mentioned above, which also applies to child 10-Journey tickets Click here for more details about 10-Journey tickets

Rover tickets and other unlimited travel tickets
We have a number of multi-journey tickets available at great prices. Please choose from the list below:

Day tickets
Week tickets
4 Week tickets
Term tickets
Busway bargains